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So you use your crock pot almost everyday to cook the loved ones meal but have you
ever attempted making desserts together with your
crock pot? A lot of people think about meat and vegetable dishes after they think about
crock pot cooking however the truth is this handy cooking gadget can also
be excellent for producing a wide assortment of delightful desserts.

[img]http://media5.picsearch.com/is?7ZshockedGFXXb1sHip3VffepvwuNx_46FCQuXMAb05ku6sQ&height=224[/img]If you've never
tried producing a dessert within your crock pot,
here are several easy recipes to get you began. These
recipes need a three ┬Ż 4 qt programmable slow cooker.
crock pot.

Crock Pot... Cheesecake?

This one's positive to become an enormous hit using the entire family members -
Yummy Cheesecake produced within your crock pot

First, you will require a cheesecake pan - a heat resistant pan which is oval or
round and fits into your crock pot.

To produce the Crust:

Crumble graham crackers till you've 1 cup of graham cracker
crumbs. You can do this by placing graham crackers into a sealable bag
and pounding them using the side of a meat hammer, or by "smooshing" the crumbs with your fingers.

Pour in to the cheesecake pan with two T brown sugar and
3T melted butter. Stir and press the mixture onto the bottom and sides from the pan.

Making use of a hand mixer, mix collectively:

16 oz. of cream cheese (rectangular package) - Make certain the
cream cheese is soft by leaving it out in the refrigerator to
get a although prior to making use of.
┬ż C of sugar
two large eggs (room temperature)
┬╝ C of heavy cream
1T flour

Pour in to the crust.
Add ┬Ż cup to 1 full cup of water in to the bottom from the Crock Pot (what matters right here is the fact that the water doesn't come up more than the edge from the cheesecake
Place the pan (with the cheesecake mixture in it) into the
Crock Pot.
Cover and cook for roughly 21/2 hours. Turn off the Crock Pot and let stand for a single hour, then put
the cheesecake into the refrigerator for an extra 2 hours before serving.

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